Uan Status:How To check Uan Status From online

if we are the employee where all work under some circumstances where they don’t know how to get the salary from their pf site.As we know that can status is essential to check the status from online So we know that getting salary is very difficult from online where all the employee is waiting for their salary so the Indian government has decided to give epf for every employee so that every employee can easily have their own account in their epfo site.

So we know that uan status where the user can easily check the balance from their account.So before that lemme tell u we need to create the uan account to access the uan account.If u create the account in the epfo site then no worries u can get access all features access from this epfo site.

UAN Status -How to Check UAN Status /Epfo Login Status from online

So can status helps the user to get the balance details when he withdraws the amount from their account.So we can also check pf statement from the uan nowadays people used to wait on the atm queu to check the bank amount or epf amount.

Now the time has changed we can check the balance amount from the online epfo site.where we can also send the amount to another person by using the online epfo site.So sending  the online amount is very easy before that we need to enter the uan number of the account holder so that we can easily get the details of other account details while sending the amount so that we can know send easily.

UAN Status -How to Check UAN Status /Epfo Login Status from online

So we know that we can also use the epf passbook to get the bank details into oru account .it also allows to take mini statement from your pf account there is hell lots if uses we can do from epfo account we need to get the uan number

So this is the best way to check the bank amount from online or else u can check ou the official site where they shared the epfo login information and much more.